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What Started as a juice-only fast for the month of January 2007, has now turned into a wellness revolution!

I began juicing to manage an illness that I was battling and the results completely sold me on the power of juicing.  After just 3 days of juicing I noticed improvement in how I was feeling.  Here are some of the benefits of a juice cleanse:

  • improved sleep
  • reduction in stiffness in joints and pain
  • increased energy level
  • healthy, glowing skin
  • reduction in sugar addictions
  • reduction in  food cravings
  • improved immunity
  • weight release/reduced belly fat
  • increased mental clarity
  • increased libido

In 2009 the Juice With Me 10 Day Body Detox Class was launched and we have supported hundreds of clients with our classes. 

The Juice With Me 10 Day Body Detox Class is a guided program that empowers you to take your wellness to the next level by making healthy food, fresh juices and smoothies, utilize toxin releasing self care practices, journal exercises and group support. The classes are virtual so it doesn't matter where you live. We will work as a team by conference call, email and one-on-one during the program.

Now is the time to take your wellness to the next level by reducing damaging toxins in your body. Classes are held several times a year and enrollment packages begin at $149. Click here to contact me for the upcoming class schedule.

A Handbook for Everyday Juicing
By Sherry D. Fields
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